4 reasons that your hearing aid is not working properly

Nothing is more annoying if your hearing aid does not work properly, it can cause a lot of irritation for yourself but also for your environment. With this article we want to help you on your way to ensure that your hearing aid is performing excellently (again) and that you can get the most out of it in the future!

1. Hearing aid is clogged with dirt / ear wax

This is actually the number 1 cause if your hearing aid is not working properly. Whether you have a lot of ear wax or not, it is very important that you keep the hearing aid as free of ear wax as possible. Make sure you have the right cleaning products to clean your hearing aid. If you have an in-ear hearing aid or a speaker in the ear hearing aid, it is also very important that you replace the filters on time, so that you prevent the dirt from getting into the hearing aid. If you do not replace the filter in time, the hearing aid can become contaminated inside. If this happens, the hearing aid will break and it must be sent to the manufacturer, because of this you will lose the hearing aid for a while and of course you do not want that! Make sure you always have enough filters in stock so that you can prevent this. If you wear a behind-the-ear hearing aid with an earmold, you can easily clean the earmold. You can detach the earmold from the hearing aid and place it in a container with an effervescent tablet, this will cause the wax to fizz out of the earmold.

2. There is moisture in the hearing aid

If there is moisture in the hearing aid, this can cause problems; Gives too little amplification, cracking sound or consumes more battery. It is important to purchase a drying box and use it daily, this will prevent moisture from entering the hearing aid. There are different types of drying boxes.

3. The hearing aid whistles / beeps

Nothing is more disruptive to you and the environment than the hearing aid whistles or beeps. One of the causes may be that the ear is clogged with ear wax, this can be cleaned by the doctor / ENT specialist. To keep your ears clean, you can easily clean your ear canals with an Ear Scratcher in a safe way!

Another cause could be that the earmold / measuring dish no longer fits properly. Fun fact, the ears keep growing for the rest of our lives! It is therefore wise to have a new earmold / measuring dish made after 2.5 years, so that you can be sure that you get the optimal sound from your hearing solution!

Hearing has deteriorated

It is of course also possible that there are no defects in the hearing aid, but that the hearing has deteriorated. To get the most out of your hearing aid, it is important that the settings are correct. If the hearing aid is clean, goes into the dry box daily and the ears are free of wax but speech understanding is not yet optimal, make an appointment for a new hearing test.

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