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What does the warranty mean at Online-HearingAids.com?

All hearing aids in our range come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. If you discover a defect in your hearing aid within the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge. Of course, it will be investigated whether this is part of normal use or whether the defect is due to improper handling.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, the legal warranty also applies. The legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it.

The manufacturer’s warranty and any additional warranty do not affect the legal warranty.

You can extend the warranty of your hearing aid. When ordering your hearing aid, you can opt for a 5-year warranty. The extra warranty costs 99 euros per hearing aid. This means you are insured against defects for 3 years longer.

What counts as a guarantee certificate?

The proof of purchase serves as a guarantee certificate! This also applies to the 5-year warranty service of Online-HearingAids.com.

How do I report a defect?

You can indicate to our customer service that your device is defective or has defects. We often hear that a device is broken, but something else is going on. For example, it often happens that the filter is blocked by wax or that the battery is empty. We therefore always ask you to first view this page before reporting a defect. On this page you can complete a checklist so that you can immediately solve the most common problems yourself.

Is your hearing aid really defective after these checks? Please contact our customer service . We will then ensure that your hearing aid is repaired. Do you want to use a loaner during the repair? Then let us know. You can borrow a hearing aid from us for 49 euros, while we repair your own.

How does the repair process work?

Have you completed the checklist and is your hearing aid still defective? Then take the following steps;
1. Contact our customer service
2. Send in your defective hearing aid
3. Online-HearingAids.com will repair your hearing aid for you
4. We will return the hearing aid to you repaired

Keep in mind that you will get your device back approximately 2 weeks after sending it. Will it take longer? Please contact us and we will find out for you when you can expect your hearing aid again.

What are the costs of repair?

The cost of the repair is free if it falls within the warranty period. Unless it has been used improperly, there will be costs associated with the repair.

In addition, we charge a fixed repair price for hearing aids that are a maximum of 5 years old, see below. Is your hearing aid older? Please contact us by phone for a tailor-made offer.

Is the repair of your hearing aid outside the warranty period? Then the fixed price is € 145 per device. Also here applies; has the appliance become defective due to improper use? Then there are higher costs associated with this. At Online-HearingAids.com you can take out a 3-year extra warranty for an amount of € 99, – The costs are therefore almost the same as the repair.

Is your question not listed?

Then contact our customer service!

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