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How does online ordering work?

You choose a hearing aid and order it online. You have a choice of paying immediately online, or when picking up your hearing aids. We will then make an appointment with you. This appointment will take place at one of our hearing centres in the Netherlands.

Our hearing centre in Naarden (near Amsterdam) will always be able to assist you at very short notice. You can also find our hearing centres at other locations in the Netherlands, where you will also be most welcome.

As soon as we have been notified of which hearing centre you will be visiting, we will send you the exact address.

It is difficult for me to come to the Netherlands

Please contact us via chat www.onlinehoortoestel.nl), telephone (+31353039100) or email (info@onlinehoortoestel.nl).

Remotely adjustable

If you send us an audiogram (i.e. the results of a hearing test in the form of a graph) by email, we can send you different hearing aids. That way, it will not be necessary to visit one of our hearing centres, as we can send you the configured hearing aid by mail.

Many hearing aids can be adjusted through the internet. This means that fine-tuning can be done at any time, without a physical visit to our premises.

Please contact us if you are not sure if this applies to your hearing aid as well. We’d be happy to let you know.

How does the appointment with the hearing care professional proceed?

During your appointment, we first perform an extensive hearing test. We then adjust the hearing aid to your level of hearing loss. Next, we explain everything that you have to know about the hearing aid and, if necessary, download the app together with you.

You will leave fully informed and capable of using the hearing aid. Please note that it will require at least
1,5 hours to serve you properly. If you have a recent
audiogram, you can send this by email to:

If you choose to pay at our hearing centre, you can only do so with a normal debit card from your bank.
We do not accept credit cards at every hearing centre (we do in Naarden).
Please note: some banks apply a daily limit, which you will have to raise temporarily to pay the invoice during your appointment. You will receive your invoice by email as soon as payment is made.

Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back

You may change your mind about your purchase for up to 30 days after receiving your hearing aids. In that case, you can return the hearing aids by mail, after which we will refund the full amount within a few days.


All our hearing aids come with a two-year warranty by default. A five-year warranty is available at EUR 99 per hearing aid.

Health insurance

As a company registered in the Netherlands, we regret that we are unable to request reimbursements from foreign insurance companies on your behalf.
Many of our foreign customers order their hearing aids from us and then submit the invoice to their insurer themselves. If you require any additional documents for insurance purposes, we are of course happy to assist.

Advice/comparing hearing aids

Are you not yet sure which hearing aids you need?
We can help you to decide which hearing aids is the best for you. In case you have a recent audiogram, please send it to us.
In case you already have experience using hearing aids, we would like to know what brand and how you have experienced these hearing aids. In that case we will for sure, be able to give you a good advice on you next hearing aids.

You can contact us 7 days a week

Our hearing care professionals can be reached 7 days a week until 10.00 pm by chat. We are glad to assist at any time in case of questions. Video chat is also available.
Many of the newer hearing aids allow us to adjust them remotely. This means that we can assist you in adjusting your hearing aid remotely after your first appointment – only at your request, of course. The most advanced hearing aids come with an app that enables you to make adjustments yourself as well.

Overnight stay near your hearing care professional

Some foreign customers may not be able to make a
return trip to the Netherlands within one day.
We would be happy to help you book a hotel room close to your hearing care professional. Please do not hesitate to contact us!