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Ampli hearing aids from Beter Horen: up to 40% cheaper with us

Ampli is the house brand of hearing care professional Beter Horen. The hearing aids from Ampli (Beter Horen) are actually hearing aids from other brands. They are only packaged by the manufacturer for Beter Horen in a different packaging. Below you can see what each Ampli hearing aid is actually called.

If you order the same hearing aid from us, you have a number of advantages:

  • The hearing aid is up to 40% cheaper than with Beter Horen.
  • With us you have more choice in different colors.

To make it clear for you, we list the hearing aids from Ampli at the bottom of this page. Next to every hearing aid from Ampli you can see which hearing aid it actually is. This way you can easily find your Ampli hearing aid.

Ampli hearing aids
Comparable hearing aid
Ampli - energy R 5 - rechargeable
Ampli - energy R 4 - rechargeable
Ampli - energy R 3 - rechargeable
Ampli - connect R 5
Ampli - connect R 4
Ampli - connect R 3
Ampli - connect B 5
Ampli - connect B 4
Ampli - connect B 3
Ampli - mini I 5
Ampli - mini I 4
Ampli - mini I 3
Ampli - 7 XG GN
Ampli - 5 XG GN
Ampli - 7 VS OT
Ampli - 5 VS OT
Ampli - 7 M PH
Ampli - 5 M PH