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The latest hearing aid Signia Styletto Connect (Siemens)

Signia has been known for years for their unique and high-quality hearing aids. With the different series, such as Signia Slik, Signia Insio and Signia Pure Charge & amp; Go , they ensure that everyone can hear the beautiful sounds of the world around them. Because Signia (formerly Siemens) always strives for innovation, they have released a new model, the Signia Styletto Connect. This unique hearing aid, which exists in the variants 3NX, 5NX and 7NX, has rechargeable batteries that are fully charged within 4 hours! If you charge for 30 minutes, the hearing aids can last for another 5 hours. In addition, the devices have 3 new colors that are slightly different, a bit tighter, than the current colors. The latest variants of the Signia Styletto Connect also have a Bluetooth connection so that they can connect to various devices. Very useful when you want to call hands-free, for example.

Why is the Signia Styletto Connect so unique?

Due to its small size and beautiful, modern design, the Signia Styletto Connect is a jewel in your ear. In addition, this great device has a charging function that allows you to charge your hearing aid within 4 hours. The device is then ready for 24 hours of hearing pleasure. The lithium-ion battery makes carrying extra batteries a thing of the past! In addition, Signia Styletto Connect hearing aids come with a portable charger so that when your hearing aid runs out on the go, you can simply charge it in your pocket. Within 30 minutes you can enjoy 4 hours of perfect hearing. Very handy!

The most unique thing about this new hearing aid is that you can connect it to almost all Bluetooth devices, just like the Phonak Marvel hearing aids. Connect to your phone and enjoy optimal sound in your ear thanks to Signia’s Nx technology. A great sound experience! In addition, the Signia Styletto, like all other Signia devices, has a unique Own Voice Processing so that you hear your own voice very naturally. Where other hearing aids only stand out for great sound quality, the Styletto Connect is also beautifully designed. They actually look like earpods and that makes them fashionable to wear.

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Who is the Signia Styletto Connect for?

As mentioned earlier, the Signia Styletto Connect is a unique hearing aid that can be charged very quickly when the batteries are empty. The hearing aid is therefore very useful for users who are on the road a lot. In addition, the hearing aid is suitable for different types of hearing loss. It doesn’t matter whether you need light or moderate hearing assistance, the Signia Styletto is suitable for many users. The 3 different variants, the 7Nx, 5Nx and 3Nx, allow the device to be fine-tuned to your hearing loss, but above all, the Signia Styletto is a hearing aid for fashionable people who enjoy hearing well with gems of hearing aids.

In addition to all the unique functionalities of the hearing aid, the hearing aid is also very beautiful. A real hearing jewel in your ear! At Online-HearingAids.com you will find a range of hearing aids so that there is a suitable hearing aid for everyone.

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About the brand Signia (Siemens)

The Signia brand, previously called Siemens, has been helping many people with hearing problems for many years. Due to the unique design, the latest innovations and technologies that ensure optimal sound in the ear, Signia users will not easily choose another brand. In addition, Signia will not be Signia if they do not develop a myControl app. This allows all Signia users to easily change the settings of the hearing aid via the telephone.

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