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Better hearing performance with a Phonak Titanium

People with hearing loss often experience nuisance in a noisy environment. Having a quiet conversation or listening to music can be hindered by this. The Phonak Virto B-Titanium ensures the best hearing performance! This allows you to focus on one voice, but you can also hear the noisy environment around you. You do not have to change this yourself. The hearing aid scans the environment and adjusts automatically. This makes the AutoSense OS technique possible. The AutoSense OS function analyzes the sounds in your environment every 0.4 seconds and adjusts accordingly. Wherever you are; in the car, in a restaurant or with friends, the hearing aid adapts!

View the Phonak Virto B70 Titanium and the Phonak Virto B90 Titanium .

The device is suitable for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The device has no wireless functions and can therefore not be paired with the accessories. Are you looking for a hearing aid for (very) severe hearing loss? Please feel free to contact us so that we can advise you.

Service of Online-HearingAids.com

Are you interested in the smallest hearing aid in the world? Then you can order it online. We then make two agreements with you:

  • First appointment: during the first appointment, we make an impression of your ears, so that we can make the hearing aid custom. This allows you to enjoy a perfect fit, specially made for your ears. During this appointment we also do an extensive hearing test.
  • Second appointment: during the second appointment we will place the custom-made hearing aid with you. During this appointment, we will also explain in detail how the hearing aid works and how to maintain it.

Thousands of people preceded you and enjoy the clear sound of this device every day. If you are not satisfied after a few weeks, you simply return the devices and the purchase amount will be returned. We only charge you for the custom-made parts, at € 100 per ear.

Are you still orienting yourself on a hearing aid? Then also check out the Phonak Belong , Phonak Marvel, Phonak Bolero and Phonak Naída hearing aids. You can discover the differences between these models for yourself with our “Compare” option. Then tick “Compare” under the product and compare the different types Phonak hearing aids with each other.

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