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Schoonenberg hearing aids at Online-HearingAids.com

Do you have Schoonenberg hearing aids? Then you may have paid more than necessary.

Sometimes Schoonenberg’s hearing care professionals use different names for their hearing aids. For example, Schoonenberg calls some hearing aids Selectic hearing aids. These Schoonenberg hearing aids then correspond to the hearing aids of another brand such as Selectic .

The only difference is that Schoonenberg’s hearing aids are up to 40% cheaper with us than with Schoonenberg.

Do you notice that you understand less and want to hear better? Then you are at the right place at OnlineHoortoestel. Our mission is to make good hearing accessible to everyone who has less hearing. We sell hearing aids that are competitively priced but where you get the service you need. Click here to view our latest hearing aids .

Because we work and communicate a lot via the internet, we save a lot of time and therefore costs. So you save these costs. Hearing aids must be available to everyone, which is why you pay the very best price with us for the very best hearing aids.

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Hearing aids from Schoonenberg

Selectic is the house brand of the Schoonenberg hearing care professional. At Schoonenberg, Selectic’s hearing aids are actually hearing aids from other brands. It is only packaged in a different packaging by the manufacturer for Schoonenberg. Here you can see what each Schoonenberg hearing aid is actually called. If you order the hearing aid from us, you have a number of advantages:

  • The hearing aid is up to 40% cheaper than Schoonenberg.
  • With us you have more choice in different colors.
  • You are not tied to Schooenberg. This gives you the freedom to go to any hearing care professional of your choice in the future. Very nice.

So choose the cheapest and best hearing aids at online-HearingAids.com, and we would love to hear from you!

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