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Service point Utrecht

Service point Online-HearingAids.com in Utrecht

One of the locations where we are happy to help you after you have placed your order is Utrecht.

In Utrecht, two hearing care professionals are ready for you every day to conduct hearing tests and to set up the hearing aids that you have ordered online.

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Our location

Online Hearing Aid Naarden

Nikkelstraat 43

1411 AH Naarden

Open from:

Monday to Friday


Servicepunt: Zeist (nabij Utrecht)

Steynlaan 67

3701 EC Zeist

Open from:

maandag t/m vrijdag

09:00 - 17:30

Servicepunt: Utrecht

Blauwkapelseweg 13

3572 KA

Open from:

Maandag t/m zaterdag

9:00 t/m 17:30

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