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How do I connect my Unitron Discover hearing aids to my Android phone?

How do I pair my Unitron Discover hearing aids with my Android phone?

  • Go to the home screen of the Android phone and browse to the Bluetooth settings (the location of this screen depends on the smartphone used)
  • Tap the slider to turn on Bluetooth.
  • Open and close the battery doors of the Bluetooth hearing aids for 5 seconds to turn the hearing aids back on.If you have a hearing aid without a battery door, first turn off the hearing aid by pressing the bottom part of the button until the LED turns red (4 sec.). Then turn on the hearing aid by pressing the switch until the LED lights up green (2 sec.)
  • The message “Available devices” appears
  • After a few seconds, the hearing aid name will appear. Tap to make selection.
  • A pairing request appears. Click on ‘OK’
  • The paired hearing aid plays a connection signal

The Android phone is now connected to the hearing aids.